Hot Deal

Offer Valid: 03/17/2019 - 09/17/2019
Free "Pre-Listing Home Inspection" when we list your home!
As a licensed Associate Real Estate Broker and licensed Home Inspector, I am able to inspect your home when we list it for sale. This gives you the economic advantage as a seller!

You can elect to do repairs, get quotes for yourself in case the buyer asks, or simply do nothing and disclose the item on the Property Condition Disclosure form. This state form is required to be filled out when you sell a home, and shared with a purchaser and their agent. 

Since nearly every buyer elects to do a home inspection once a purchase contract is signed, it only makes sense to educate yourself about your own home, before the buyer's home inspection report finds any deficiencies that  inadvertently were not disclosed. 

The net effect is a quicker sale, less negotiations and peace of mind during the entire process!

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