• PBC Welcome Brigade Bag


    The Welcome Brigade Bag is a re-useable bag distributed by Welcome Brigade Committee members to residents and businesses that are new to the Penfield community. The Welcome Brigade Bag will be filled with information about the Penfield community-- a Town of Penfield recreation brochure, a letter from the Town Supervisor, etc. For businesses, the Welcome Bag will include information about the PBC and the business community. The Welcome Brigade Bag provides a great opportunity to promote your business' products and/or services to new community members.


    Just send an email to info@penfieldbusiness.org or call us at 585-348-8360. We will make sure that your business in included in the bag. Though brochures about your business can certainly be added, consider an item that will draw attention to your business: discount coupons, magnets, business cards with a piece of candy attached, pens, etc. This is an ongoing project through the PBC and businesses are welcome to join in at any time.

    Each year, approximately 30 businesses and 450 residents joined the Penfield community. This is your chance to attract new business!

    Promoting your business through the Penfield Welcome Brigade Bag is an opportunity available only to PBC Members.

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