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  • Member Referral Program

  • Member Referral Program

    To participate in the Member Referral Program:

    1. Send us the name of a business you would like to refer to the Penfield Business Chamber.Our Membership Committee will contact the business.

    2. If the business joins within one month of the referral, you will receive Referral Credit. A letter notifying you that you have received a Referral Credit will be sent to you. Then, just let us know which type of referral credit you would like to choose from the two options below:

    a) $25 off your upcoming membership dues! (This will be applied towards your upcoming annual membership dues to the PBC!)


    b) a $25 Gift Card from one of our PBC Members! (Simply look through the PBC Member Directory and let us know from which PBC Member you would like the Gift Card, and we will send that to you!)


    * If multiple referral emails are received, the PBC will honor the first email submitted.

    * A member may not accrue more than $125 in membership referral credits during any one PBC year (Nov 1- Oct 31).