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  • Name: Arbonne Independent Consultant - Danyelle Peiffer

    Website: www.danyellepeiffer.arbonne.com

    Phone: 716-435-4961


    Arbonne is a company with a vision: people can thrive by being good to themselves, their community and the planet.  From the beginning, almost 40 years ago, Arbonne has developed pure products with botanically based ingredients in scientifically tested formulas.  By combining the best of science and nature, the formulas produce and deliver incredible results – from nutrition products that are vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO formulated, to high-performing skincare products that are better for your skin. The focus is on safe products that provide results and benefits for the entire family including bath and body personal care items, essential oils, detox spa products, cosmetics, skincare and nutrition.  It is healthy living from the inside out!

    Danyelle found Arbonne over five years ago through the nutrition line which uses products free from artificial ingredients.  After much personal success with the products as well as friends and family supporting the program, she decided to become a consultant.  Initial goals were simply to get a deeper discount on products that helped her family while being able to help her friends and family get healthier.  Since becoming a consultant, her organization has and continues to help over a thousand people live healthier lives with non-toxic products.  Danyelle has found her passion to help people thrive with sustainable healthy living while also building a better work-life balance. 

    She is currently looking for people who want to transform their careers and lives while helping others live their best lives. If you are looking to use safe products with your family, become healthier or even build your own business, please set up an appointment to learn more.  January is the perfect time to do something for you!  For more information on starting out 2020 healthier, check out www.arbonnepure30.com.

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